Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Starting to earn some 'reputation capital', and embarking on an adventure...


So I'm starting a blog and the first question I have (and you may too) is why?

One answer is that a while back I listened to a really interesting TED Talk from Rachel Botsman about the economy of trust and influence in our online communities, and the thought of what that might mean for me really stuck in my mind. 

It simmered there for a while, marinating with some other ingredients, and after talking to some people at the school where I work (The International School of Brussels), those thoughts have emerged as a blog and a twitter profile so far. 

I'm embarking on a new journey with these two ships, one for publicizing and promoting the activities my classes and I undertake at school(the Twitter feed) and one for my own personal think tank (this blog). I don't know what I'll find on my journey, but my hope is that I am able, in my own small way, to enrich my teaching, my learning, my art and all that of my colleagues and students too. I will post the things that interest me and spark my imagination, the pedagogues and strategies I encounter in my teaching and some of the work I do at school with my classes, among other things I'm sure.

I will be looking for guidance from others during the first steps of this blogging adventure and I hope to pick up a few passengers on the way, for sure.

So, bon voyage (to me) and away we go...

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  1. It published two! What I said was - Great start - I am with you for the journey, on a jet-ski for now...