Monday, 20 October 2014

A student's passion for Performance...


Special words written by one of my fourteen year old students about why they are passionate about performance:

"For me, nothing is stronger than a bond created from theatre making. People who would have been strangers now friends, fellow innovators and dreamers, just like yourself. They too share the same hopes and ambitions. All with their own ideas, their own grand vision. Coming together to create something, something unique, something never before seen, something along the lines of a dream. 

When the people come together to create and devise, something extremely special happens. A spark is ignited within us. That moment where you can finally see the path that these ideas, from all around the world, have paved for you.

I want to be able to share this spark, this dream, with others who have traveled here to this hub of creativity for the same  reason as you: to experience this dream, this spark with others who know the power it can possess. 

I want to be there for when reality stops and the dream begins."

The student wrote this as his application to join our trip to The International Schools Theatre Association Festival in Shanghai early next year.

His passion is inspiring and invigorating. I know our students are very lucky to be at this school. I know the opportunities they are presented with are exceptionally wonderful and they are so very privileged for that. But when a student wants to share those fantastic experiences with others and to work together to build something special, with students across borders of many types, it makes it really worthwhile. It shows that these students are not necessarily spoiled, but that they are making the most of the opportunities they are offered, and they are actively looking to make connections and build bridges.

Many of these students will go on to high-ranking jobs all over the world, they will encounter many, many people in their lives and they have the potential to make changes to this world that really count. So let's hope when they do leave here that they all carry with them the same ideals and ambitions as this student clearly does.


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