Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Artist Toolbox: The Rock Off


Favourite whole group activity- ‘The Rock Off’

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the 296th annual Rock-Off World Championships! I know all of you have been training day-in day-out, practicing Rock, Paper, Scissors with your friends, mum, dad and even dog in the run up to this event but today there can only be one winner! First though, let’s remind ourselves of the rules…

The Rock-Off, is a great way to warm up voices and team spirit and the larger the group the better. Basically it’s a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. Before you start, clarify the calling order you will use, for example “Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT,” for when to reveal your weapon. Then everyone finds a partner in the room to be their first opponent. They play the best of three rounds of the game to decide the winner. 

Next is the key bit as the loser of the battle then becomes the winner’s cheer squad, chanting their name and supporting them in their next battle. The pair then finds another ready pair and the two winners (flanked by their loud and supportive cheer persons) then go head-to-head in another three rounds. The losing pair then joins the cheer squad of the winner and the four set off to find another four.

And so on and so on until you have just two competitors left each with large cheer squads. Keep an eye out for this moment and pause the proceedings just before this happens. Get the cheer squads on opposite sides of the room with the competitors in the middle. Build up some hype with some more ‘announcer voice’ talk, get the squads to cheer the loudest for their competitor etc, then let the battle commence. After the best of three rounds give a huge final cheer for the runner-up and then the winner is crowned ‘The 296th Rock-Off World Champion’.


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