Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Time Wise: the products of passion


In a previous post, Time Wise I described how a group of students here at ISB had set up their own youtube channel publishing short films. Well their passion has not faded and now they have created a short film which has shown they are still dedicated to teaching themselves about the film-making artform.

The piece, titled Fragmented, is the product of a year's hard work for the group. They conceived the idea, wrote the script, set up a filming schedule, sourced equipment, scouted for locations, directed, acted and filmed all on their own time and steam.

The film is an outstanding display of what students can achieve if they are passionate and committed and I couldn't be more proud of the students for sticking to their vision even when there were many times when they were faced with many challenges along their process and nothing but their own goals to keep them from quitting. And it can now be added to their digital portfolios as an example of what they are capable of.

In the Middle School here at ISB we are about to embark on a new part of our program- a daily Personal Learning block, in which students will have an opportunity to pursue passion projects such as this. For all of us, it's a very exciting prospect because we know that students are itching to create, commence and cultivate (see Tasneem Amijee who has already worked on a passion project at ISB and the group of grade 4's who ran their own theatre production here).

Once again, I'm proud of Sam Barnett, Ricky Maggioni and the other students involved in the film and I'm buzzing about seeing many more projects realised such as this from other ISB students in the future!


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