Wednesday, 24 September 2014

An AudioVisual Banquet. Intermediality- a collaboration,


This morning at ISB, Ed Grody, Lisa O'Leary and Francesco Di Paolo (the Theatre Lighting, Sound and Video teachers) and I collaborated for a one-off class, in which we wanted to bring our two groups of students together for a mini-project. The aim was to integrate multimedia live performance software (Isadora) with experimental spoken word performance and to play around with this as a sandbox.

Prior to this class, The Advanced Performance Works students worked collaboratively to create original texts, but without knowing what the end result would be used for. Below is the writing exercise which is good for collaboratively generating texts.

Meanwhile the Theatre Lighting, Sound and Video class were getting to grips with the Isadora software and with the live camera work. Then this morning we all got together and in just 40 minutes this happened...
Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Collaboratively Generating Text Exercise

First I asked them to fold a piece of paper into 8 squares and to write a word in each square- the first words that came into their heads. Any nouns, verbs or adjectives. Then students ripped the squares apart so they had 8 separate pieces of paper. Then they paired up and shared the words they had written. Next it was the object of the pair to arrange the 16 words into a list that had some structure or meaning from them, could be into some kind of loose narrative, could be arranged by similar words, whatever. They were allowed to edit out up to 3 words that weren't fitting in at this stage. Then it was about writing a text together to include these key words into a larger piece of writing.


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