Monday, 31 August 2015

Mr. Moneybags is dead. (Drama Teacher Bonus)


If you haven't already read them, go back and see my posts about the modern world of board games here and here.

Now, here are some great board games that you can use in drama class:

For Quick Thinking Improvisation And Role Playing
Snake Oil - one player each turn takes on the role of a customer (anything from a cheerleader to a caveman to Santa Claus) and then the other players have to sell them an item created out of their hand of cards. For example, player A is a Police Officer and B tries to sell them a cage-wallet while C tries to sell them some candy-handcuffs. Hilarious and quick. The kids love this one!

For Starting Discussions And Improving Non-Verbal Communication
Concept -  In this game the goal is to guess words through the association of icons. A player chooses a word or phrase that the other players need to guess, from the placement of pieces on a board full of icons. A little difficult to understand from this description but a fascinating game and great for launching into devising!

For Bluffing, Role Playing And Deduction
One Night Ultimate Werewolf- This re-imagines the much loved Werewolf or Mafia and condenses it into an incredibly tense and exciting 10 minutes. Ideal for introducing students to keeping a straight face while bluffing, as the werewolf team will need to persuade everyone in the group that they are in fact human. Hilarious, addictive and quick to play, you can slot this in at the beginning or end of a class, no problem. Also perfect for taking on trips!


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