Monday, 31 August 2015

Mr. Moneybags is dead. (Part 2)


So you've read Part 1 of this post and the game is still on. You'd like to know more about some great games to get into the modern world of board gaming? Well then, hold on to your meeples, people coz here we go!!

The Best Game To Play In 20 Minutes (With Your Gran)
And the award goes to
For Sale - a super fast game where you're bidding on properties (ranging from a cardboard box to a space station) and then flipping these into cash in the second half of the game.

It's super simple to learn, cheap to buy and portable. Great with kids, mums and dads and even the old folks too. If you only want to dip your toes into the hobby first, then this is a great place to start.

The Game For The Person Who Is Already Hooked To Computer Games
Get them away from the computer screen for half an hour with
Loony Quest - a game which simulates a platforming video game. Players trace lines on a sheet of plastic and then place this over the level to collect victory points, dodge enemies and complete quests. 

Exciting for all ages, you'll be surprised how difficult it can be to draw accurately at a distance. A game where the kids normally beat the adults! It has multiple levels in various worlds so can be made as short or as long as you want too.

The Game To Play When The Players Tried To Kill Each Other During The Last One
There is a whole world of cooperative games out there, but my one of my favourites and also the most popular one out there is 
Pandemic - a game in which players are working as a team to save the world from four epidemics. By moving around on the board, collecting an using cards and lots and lots of teamwork, this game is a great way to bring family and friends together.

The Game That You Stick On The Table And Everyone Goes WOW!!!
Because it looks so damn good...
Abyss- gone are the days of the simple graphics of Ludo or the cartoons of Game Of Life. For something much more grown up and so, so gorgeous, it's this game. Set in the depths of the ocean, players compete to have the most influence over the races that live there. Plus, remember when the money in games was crappy paper money, well in this game you're trading pearls! that's right, and you keep them in a shell. It's surprising simple to learn too, but with bags of replay value- what a game! 

and here's a closer look at the artwork:

And finally (for now),

The Best Game For Couples
More and more, my wife and I play together after dinner or during the weekend. One of our faves is
Jaipur -in this simple game you are traders buying, exchanging and selling goods ranging from silk, to rubies and gold. It takes about 30 minutes to play, is portable and has an exciting tension throughout play. Plus it has camels in it. What more could you want? Seriously, your own herd of camels. 


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